Melfoam Acoustic Fom

Melfoam or Melamine Foam

  • By Lyn Cunningham

When choosing which type of Acoustic foam will work best for your environment, you need to consider the climate and your interior services; ie: air-conditioning units, ceiling fans, fire sprinklers, lighting etc; Melfoam acoustic foam is an open cell foam: the open cells absorb sound but they also absorb dirt and dust ... not ideal for environments with air conditioning, ceiling fans or fire sprinklers because the melamine foam absorbs dirt and dust, as well as moisture from humidity, or water from fire sprinklers.

The nature of open cell foam is “OPEN CELLS” that act to absorb the sound into the cells; but equally absorb dirt, dust, moisture, humidity and water from fire sprinklers into the open cells like a sponge! Unfortunately the foam cannot be cleaned and it cannot be painted without affecting the sound absorption qualities. Once painted it will block or hinder the open cells and hence affect the cells from absorbing the sound. 

Melfoam acoustic foam is not ideal for wet or extremely humid areas;  it absorbs water like a sponge and becomes very, very heavy. If it has not been well fixed to the substrate and becomes waterlogged it can easily tear away from the fixings or glue it has been fixed with and fall down.  

Quietart can offer QuietfoamW, a 100% WATERPROOF foam that is closed cell and dirt proof, completely resistant to water, dirt, cleaning chemicals, chlorine and many other abrasive chemicals, unlike melamine foam.

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