Waterproof Acoustic Foam, Quietfoam W is 100% waterproof.

Waterproof Acoustic Foam, Quietfoam W, exclusive to QuietArt is a 100% waterproof, lightweight, non flammable, acoustic foam; it is completely impervious to water, chlorine, and many other chemicals and can be hosed down . . .  Unlike our melfoam (melamine foam) and other foams on the market that are only water resistant and will absorb water and become very heavy. This can pose a problem where suspended foam panels are intermingled with ceiling sprinkler systems; when there is a fire and the sprinklers release water the melamine foam acts like a sponge and retains the water; this is a problem if the suspension system or ceiling infrastructure is not capable of holding the additional weight. Standard size panels and baffles can be purchased on our website shop.



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