Quietspace® Panel

Autex Quietspace® Panel is engineered for superior sound absorption and balanced acoustic design; Autex Quietspace® Panel is a premium sound solution for wall and ceiling applications that delivers superior reverberated noise control. Made from high-density 100% polyester, Autex Quietspace® Panel is available in 25mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm thickness.

Autex Quietspace® Panel is suitable for noise-sensitive environments such as theatres, auditoriums, schools, multipurpose halls, music rooms and studios.

Autex Quietspace® Panel are a semi-rigid panel, pre-finished in a choice of 38 felt fabric colours. Suitable for use on walls or ceilings. Panels can be direct fixed to walls and ceiling or suspended from ceilings and framed for use as modular panels or dividers. 

Quietspace® Panel data sheet
Quietspace® Panel installation guide
Quietspace® Panel cleaning guide
Quietspace® Panel Colour Chart
Quietspace® Panel Warranty


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