Quietspace Suspended Panel White + Colour


Quietspace Suspended Panels are white with a colour front face. They are a superior noise absorbing panel with excellent acoustic absorption across a broad range of frequencies.

Panels contain 60% recycled content, are recyclable & non-toxic, with a 10 year Manufacturers warranty. The adjustable suspension system allows suspension up to 2 metres. 

Quietspace Panel Data Sheet
Quietspace Panel Installation 
Quietspace Panel Colours

Minimum Quantity Order: 3
Colours: 40 options
1200x1200x50mm 2 panels 8 Hangers 
1200x2400x50mm 1 panel 6 Hangers
Suspension Kit: Included 
Lead time: 7 - 14 days
Shipping: Large Panel rates apply.
(Shipped on Double Pallet 2500 x 1220)

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