Timber Blade Ceiling Tiles 600 x 600


Ecoustic Blade Ceiling Tiles are an acoustic modular ceiling tile combining superior sound absorption with the elegance of PEFC-certified solid timber. Sizes 600 x 600mm designed for 24mm & 15mm two-way ceiling grid systems. 600 x 600 tiles can be installed in both a linear and a checkerboard pattern. 3018-14 Ceiling Tiles align with 3018-7 Panels & 3060-8 Ceiling Tiles align with 3060-4 Panels, for wall to ceiling blade alignment.

Ecoustic Timber Blade Ceiling Tile Data
Ecoustic Timber Blade Ceiling Tile Installation
Ecoustic Timber Blade Ceiling Tile Finishes 

Price: Per pack of 8 Ceiling Tiles
Panel Dimensions: 600 x 600mm each
Coverage 8 panels: 2.88m2 
Timber Finishes: 9
Profiles: 5
Lead time: 4-5 weeks
Shipping: Large Panel rates apply
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