Timber Blade Panel Fire Retardant


Ecoustic Timber Blade Panel are Fire Retardant modular acoustic panels for wall & ceiling applications. Made from PEFC-certified solid timber, Blades are pre-finished allowing simple & efficient installation. For increased broadband sound absorption Ecoustic® Infill can be added. Available in 5 profiles, Blade Panels can be installed in horizontal or vertical orientation on both walls & ceilings. For Grid Ceilings the Timber Blade Wall Panels can be aligned with matching Ecoustic Timber Blade Ceiling Tiles. 

Ecoustic Timber Blade Panel FR Data
Ecoustic Timber Blade FR Installation
Ecoustic Timber Blade FR Finishes 

Price: Per pack of 4 Panels
Panel Dimensions: 305mm x 2700mm each
Coverage 4 panels: 3.3m2 
Timber Finishes: 9
Profiles: 5
Lead time: 4-5 weeks
Shipping: Large Panel rates apply
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