Quietblade® W Waterproof


Quietblade®W is made of Quietfoam® W a unique waterproof, lightweight, textured acoustic material that is impact resistant, flame resistant & 100% recyclable. 

Quietfoam® W resists heat and insulates in both high and low temperatures, is chemically inert, chlorine proof, resistant to water and washable with most cleaning solutions. It's non fibrous composition makes it perfect for environments that are sensitive to airborne particles, such as Health Care, Laboratories, Hospitals and Food Preparation environments. 

Quietblade®W offers a striking visual effect, is easy to install and suitable for interior, exterior and wet areas.    

Quietblade data sheet
Quietfoam®W chemical resistance
Recommended glue for this product

Color: Charcoal & White 
Size: 200x1200x50mm, 21 Blade Pack, 6.48m2 coverage @ 300 centres
Size: 300x1200x50mm, 14 Blade Pack, 4.32m2 coverage @ 300 centres
Lead time: In stock 4 - 8 days 

Shipping: Standard shipping rates apply

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