Quietfoam® W Tiles - Box of 8 Tiles @ 300 x 600 x 25mm

$59.00 $99.00

Quietfoam® W is a unique, 100% WATERPROOF, lightweight, textured acoustic foam that is non flammable, non fibrous, bacteria, chlorine and chemical resistant and 100% waterproof; It will not absorb or hold water.

Quietfoam® W is perfect for environments where fire sprinklers are used as they will not absorb water and become extremely heavy like other foams.

The non fibrous composition of Quietfoam® W is also perfect for environments that are sensitive to airborne particles; such as Health Care environments, Laboratories & Food Preparation facilities. 

Quietfoam®W data sheet
Quietfoam®W chemical resistance
Recommended glue for this product

Color: Charcoal 
Size: 25mm x 590 x 295 
Qty: 1 Box of 8 tiles, same colour
Coverage: 1 Box of 8 provides 1.39m2 coverage
Lead time: In stock  2 - 4 days
Shipping: Standard shipping applies

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