Quietspace® 3D Wall Tile S-5.32


Quietspace® 3D Acoustic Wall Tile is a lightweight modular acoustic wall tile, designed to create a contemporary finish with effective acoustic control, adding interest, style and colour to any interior environment. Quietspace® 3D Acoustic Wall Tiles are available in 8 different styles and 15 colours; made from 100% polyester and contain 60% post-consumer recycled material. Quietspace® 3D Tile is completely safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-irritant and certified low VOC. 

3D Wall Tile Data Sheet
3D Wall Tile Installation 
Colours: 15 
Size: 575 diameter x 50mm deep
Qty: 1 Box of 6 tiles same colour 
Mounting Clips supplied with tiles
Lead time: 4 - 6 weeks
Shipping: Standard shipping rates apply
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