Quietspace Ceiling Tiles Black


Quietspace Ceiling Tiles are made from safe and friendly polyester fibre, engineered for superior sound absorption. Available in Black or White to fit suspended grid systems or direct fix to plaster. 

Quietspace Ceiling Tiles contain a minimum of 60% recycled content and are recyclable at end of life. They are non-toxic, non-irritating and non-allergenic and come with a 10 year Manufacturers Warranty.

Ceiling Tile Data Sheet
Ceiling Tile Installation

Qty: 12 Tiles @ 25mm x 595 x 1195 8.64m2 coverage
Qty: 24 Tiles @ 25mm x 595 x 1195 17.28m2 coverage
Lead time: 7 - 14 days 
Shipping: Standard shipping rates apply
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