Quietspace Panel CIVIC 50mm - Box of 2 @ 2600 long

$350.00 $616.00

Quietspace Panel CIVIC is a premium sound solution that delivers superior reverberated noise control. Quietspace Panel is suitable for walls or ceilings.

Made from high-density 100% polyester, Quietspace Panel is a semi rigid panel can be direct fixed to walls or ceiling, or suspended from ceilings with additional ceiling suspension kit (not included)

Quietspace Panel data sheet 
Quietspace Panel installation guide 
Quietspace Panel Colours
Quietspace Panel Warranty

Product: Quietspace Panel Colour 50mm 
Colours: 38 
Sizes: 50mm x 1200 x 2600 
Qty: 2 sheets only  
Lead time: 3 - 5 days depending on your location 
Shipping: Standard shipping rates for large box

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