Acoustics for Lecture Theatres and Auditoriums

Lecture Theatres and Auditoriums face many acoustic issues that need to be adequately addressed in order to utilise the space effectively.

The lecturers voice needs to be heard loud and clear without any obstruction by echo and because many Lecture Theatres or Auditoriums can be quite large, the sound waves scatter across the space and therefore speech fluency may be reduced, affecting the learning or listening ability of the attendees.

Disruptive noise from surrounding sources can create distraction to the lecturer speaking and also to the listeners, therefore it is extremely important that acoustic treatments are adequately considered and positioned to treat the source of potential noise, whether from and internal or external source.

Employing the correct acoustic materials to address the appropriate noise sources needs to be considered when determining solutions for Lecture Theatre or Auditorium walls, ceilings, doorways, openings and soundlock areas. Quiet Art offer a range of solutions suitable for Lecture Theatres and Auditoriums pictured are a selection of Projects we have completed.

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