Etch Burst


Etch is a wall fabric combining design, colour and texture. Available in 30+ colours and 15 standard patterns or custom patterns. Suited for overlaying directly to your chosen surface or overlay it on an acoustic panel. 

Etch is a decorative, functional and durable, made from non-woven 100% polyester, is low maintenance and stain resistant. Etch comes in 2mm thick x  1330 wide roll format and can be applied directly onto any wall surface. 

Etch data sheet  
Etch colours 
Etch Installation guide 
Etch pattern repeat
Recommended glue for this product 

Colours: 30+
Size: 2mm thick x 1m x 1300mm wide roll format 
Minimum Qty: 6 linear metres per colour. 
Lead time: 6 weeks   
Shipping: Standard shipping rates apply

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