Cascade Expanding Screen

Cascade is a collection of acoustic hanging screens that fall from the ceiling in unique patterns, to help create a quiet zone and diffuse any unwanted noise.

Cascade expanding screen is unique as it allows two screens to be made from one sheet without wasting any cutout pieces.

Cascade adds a large surface area of absorptive material to a space; it disrupts the path of sound by absorbing the sound energy as it passes through the screen, which in turn reduces the amount of sound bouncing around the space.

Cascade is made using Cube acoustic lightweight semi-rigid panel with water-cut patterns and comes with a unique suspension fixing system included.   

Cascade Expanding screen comes with a set of 2 screens and standard kit of suspended top and free hanging base. Other hanging kits are available.


Cascade Screens Data Sheet
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Cascade Screens Fixing Options 
Cascade Screens Look Book
Cascade Screen Installation
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