Sports Halls

Sports halls are typically large open spaces with durable hard and reflective surfaces. Most ball game team sports are linked with high noise levels, combine this with the hard reflective surfaces and the result is a noisy echo chamber with reverberation times reaching well over 6-8 seconds.

Sports teachers and coaches need to communicate clearly to the team, however, with these high noise levels they will struggle to communicate without raising their voices, making them more prone to throat and voice issues as a result. Sports halls are also used for exams and assemblies as well as high noise sports activities and therefore the acoustic requirements are complex, with a high degree of sound absorption being crucial to address the noise problems in these environments.

Materials used for acoustic solutions for sports halls needs to be carefully considered as they need to provide superior sound absorption, while also being durable and impact resistant, to withstand damage during ball sport activities. QuietArt have durable impact resistant solutions to address these requirements and have provided treatments for many Sports Halls to date.

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