Ecoustic Banner Felt Colour 150


Ecoustic Banner Felt Colour 150 is a high performance ceiling system, featuring sound absorption designed for vertical, horizontal & angular suspension; ideal for large spaces & interiors with limited wall space. Banner height options are 150, 200 & 300mm. BANNER felt has colour felt facing each side (not edges) in 12mm & 25mm, 34 colour options with a range of suspensions systems available for purchase separately.

Ecoustic Baffle Data
Ecoustic Baffle Felt Installation
Ecoustic Baffle Felt Colours

Colours: 34 
Dimensions: 2700 x 150
Thickness: 12mm & 25mm
Kit: 8 Baffles same colour & 8 Aluminum extrusions
Suspension: Systems available separately 
Coverage: 5.67m2 @ 300mm spacing 
Lead time: 2-3 weeks
Shipping: Large Panel rate applies

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