Ecoustic Ceiling Tile TORQUE


Ecoustic Ceiling Tile is an acoustic modular ceiling tile that provides outstanding low and mid range frequency performance. Available in 2 Styles, TORQUE or MATRIX and 34 colours to choose from. Ecoustic Ceiling Tile drops into new or existing 15mm and 24mm Exposed Tee drop ceiling grid systems with a nominal 600 x 600mm or 1200 x 600mm grid.

Ecoustic Tile Data
Ecoustic Tile Installation
Ecoustic Tile Colours

Colours: 34 
Dimensions: 595 x 595 x 48mm @ 2.83m2 coverage
or 1195 x 595 x 48mm @ 5.69m2 coverage
Packs: 8 Tiles per pack same colour
Lead time: 4-6 weeks 
Shipping: Standard rate applies
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