Ecoustic Felt Print PLUS


Ecoustic Felt Print is a printed Screen designed to reduce and control reverberated noise in building interior spaces. Great for use as screens, pinboards, wall & ceiling panels. Available in 8mm + 25mm. Made of 100% PET with up to 80% recycled content. 

Ecoustic Print Data
Ecoustic Print Trimming Guide
Ecoustic Print Installation Guide
Ecoustic Print Installation Video
Quick Install Guide using Glue
Recommended Glue 
Ecoustic Print Colours

Price: Per panel (Min qty 8 Panels)
Less than Min qty is $100 fee - contact us
Size: 8mm, 25mm  
Size: 13.5mm & 50mm on request
Dimensions: 1200 x 2700 
Coverage: 3.24m2 per panel 
Lead time: 4-8 days 
Shipping: Ecoustic Panel rate applies  

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