Ecoustic Panel Felt 25mm


Ecoustic Panel Felt are white or black core panels with Ecoustic Felt colour facing. They are available in four sound absorbing thicknesses, 8mm, 13.5mm and high-performing 25mm and 50mm. Made of 100% PET with up to 80% recycled content, they are Recyclable, Low VOC, Safe to Handle, Non-toxic, Non-irritant and Non-allergenic. Endorsed with Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) & Greentag Level A Certified.

Ecoustic Panel Felt Data
Ecoustic Panel Installation Guide
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Ecoustic Panel Felt colours

Price: Per panel 
Dimensions: 1210 x 2720
Thickness: 25mm
Colours: 34 
Coverage: 3.29m2 per panel 
Lead time: 3-7 days Natural, Light Grey, Charcoal 
All other colours 3-4 weeks
Shipping: Large Panel rate applies
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