Ecoustic Sculpt 24mm CLASSIC Shallow


Ecoustic Sculpt™ is an award-winning, acoustic drop-in ceiling tile system available in a range of striking designs. The suspended profiles are made from acoustic PET panels. Ideal for architectural installations where reverberation control is critical. The Ecoustic Sculpt system is supplied as flat-packed, lightweight tiles that are quick to assemble and easy to install into suspended ceiling grids. 

Ecoustic Sculpt CLASSIC Data
Ecoustic Sculpt CLASSIC Installation
Ecoustic Sculpt CLASSIC Colours

Colours: 5
Thickness: 24mm 
Dimensions & Coverage:

600: 595x595x60, 8 Tiles = 2.84m2
1200: 1195x595x60, 4 Tiles = 2.84m2 
Lead time: 3-4 weeks 
Shipping: Ecoustic Panel rate applies
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