QuietfoamW Waterproof Panel - Box of 7


Quietfoam W Waterproof Panel is 100% WATERPROOF, lightweight and textured acoustic panel. Can be used as a wall or ceiling panel or suspended baffle. It is suitable for Hospitals, Laboratories, Food processing plants, swimming pools or any space requiring waterproof, easy clean acoustic material.

It's non fibrous composition makes it perfect for environments that are sensitive to airborne particles and fibres such as Health Care environments, Research Laboratories and Food Preparation facilities. 

Quietfoam W data sheet 
Quietfoam W chemical resistance

Recommended glue for this product

Color: White or Charcoal 
Size: 50mm x 1200mm x 600mm 
Qty: 1 Box of 7 Panels same colour
Lead time: If in stock 3 - 7 days
Shipping: Standard shipping rates apply

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