Quietspace Peel’n’Stick Tiles Bulk Pack of 38


Reduce reverberated noise and add a vibrant feature to your environment with Quietspace Composition Peel’n’Stick Tiles. Transform your walls into acoustic notice boards that are both velcro and pinnable with this easy DIY solution. Quietspace Composition Peel and Stick Tiles are made from 100% polyester fibre, with 60% recycled content. 

Peel n Stick Tiles Data Sheet
Peel n Stick Tiles Installation
Peel n Stick Tiles Colours

Colors: 36
Size: 10mm x 600 x 600
Box of 38 tiles, 13.68m2 coverage
Lead time: 38 packs 4-6 weeks
Shipping: 36kg per box; Standard shipping rates apply

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