Acoustics for Theatre & Cinema

The spoken voice whether during a stage performance or on a film screen needs to be clear and easily heard.  Speech clarity is vital for the viewer to fully understand and appreciate the performance or film. Therefore high quality acoustics are of the utmost importance to ensure the sound of the speech is delivered as the director had intended.

To provide excellent audible surround sound for cinema or theatre, internal reverberated sound needs to be eliminated and other noise travelling in or out of the space also needs to be addressed.  Noise sources from adjoining cinemas or theatres, entry and exit points and soundlocks all need to be considered.

The Interior space needs to be treated accordingly and adequately with the appropriate sound absorbing materials to achieve good results by providing clarity of the sound within the space, firstly, enhancing the viewer experience and secondly, but equally as important, to prevent the sound from leaving the space.

Quiet Art offer a range of solutions suitable for sound absorption inside Theatres and Cinemas and pictured are selection of Projects we have completed. 

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