Waterproof acoustic foam

Quietfoam® W waterproof acoustic foam is a unique, 100% WATERPROOF, lightweight, textured acoustic foam that is non flammable, non fibrous, bacteria resistant, chlorine and chemical resistant. The foam will not absorb and hold water, will not absorb dust or dirt and is completely washable with most cleaning products.

Quietfoam® W is suitable for Hospitals, Laboratories, Food processing plants, Swimming centres and any other space requiring waterproof, easy clean, acoustic material. The non fibrous composition of Quietfoam® W is perfect for environments that are sensitive to airborne particles and fibres.

EXCLUSIVE to QuietArt® Quietfoam® W is completely waterproof not just water resistant and if submerged into water will not absorb water, but instead float. Available in Panels, Baffles, Blades, Discs and Tiles it can also be custom cut to any shape. Available in white or charcoal. 


Quietfoam®W data sheet 
Quietfoam®W chemical resistance
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