About us

Our Mission: 

Deliver quality state-of-the-art acoustic treatments that offer visual stimulation and superior noise absorption.

QuietArt® was established in 2009 and has been a Preferred Supplier for the Autex Quietspace® acoustic products since our inception. All products we offer are sustainable, are manufactured to meet Australian Building Code Standards and Australian Fire Rating standards.

Noise control in the built environment is an integral part of the design process. Noise disturbance has a negative effect on every Industry, organisation, business, employees and customers alike; It affects our concentration and productivity, privacy, mental state, health and well being.    

QuietArt® specialise in both custom and off the shelf acoustic solutions to reduce reverberated noise and transform your space into more attractive, functional and quiet spaces. We work with Architects, Designers and Clients to address their brief, fulfil their vision and deliver a quality solution to meet Australian Building Code standards.

QuietArt® have delivered over 250 projects since 2009 and our extensive experience spans community, convention, education, entertainment, government, health, office, hospitality, religious, retail, sporting, lecture, theatre, aquatic and music spaces.

QuietArt® are skilled in Concept & Design, Consultation, Project Management and Installation to enable successful delivery of your project.

We promote and support sustainable design, using environmentally sustainable, recycled and recyclable products that meet Australian Standards.