About us

QuietArt are proud to offer AUSTRALIAN MADE, Sustainable, Recycled & Recyclable Acoustic Treatments that offer visual stimulation and superior noise absorption for your space.

We specialize in both custom and off the shelf acoustic solutions to reduce reverberated noise & transform your space into attractive, functional, quiet spaces. We work with Architects, Designers and Clients to address a brief, fulfill the vision and deliver a quality solution to meet Australian Building Code standards.

QuietArt® have delivered over 300 projects with extensive experience that spans community, convention, education, entertainment, government, health, office, hospitality, religious, retail, sporting, lecture, theatre, aquatic and music spaces.

QuietArt® are skilled in Concept & Design, Consultation, Project Management and Installation to enable successful delivery of your project.  We promote and support sustainable design, using only environmentally sustainable, recycled and recyclable products that meet Australian Standards.

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