Acoustics for Aquatic Centres

Swimming Pools typically have acoustically hard environments, with tiling and other hard finishes providing many opportunities for sound to bounce from one surface to another.

The noise of swimming, talking, and children playing can result in an overall noisy environment. Noise levels in swimming pool areas should be controlled to allow speech comprehension, short reverberation times with minimal echo are crucial for speech intelligibility.

It is important for Swimming pools to provide an acoustic environment to enable people to enjoy their leisure, clearly hear instructions from swimming teachers, or clearly hear important safety announcements from pool staff and or life guards.

Absorptive materials will improve the speech intelligibility and allow more effective communication in such noisy environments. To address swimming pool noise Quiet Art offer solutions that are waterproof, humidity proof, bacteria proof, resistant to chlorine and other cleaning chemicals used in these environments.

Pictured are Projects using our QuietfoamW Waterproof product in Aquatic Centres.

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