Acoustics for Community Centres

Community centres often experience acoustic issues because they have been designed for variety of uses; for example drama classes, theatre, dance classes, sporting activities and community meetings are just some of the many uses.

These spaces are usually low on absorptive materials such as curtains and carpet and have mostly hard, resilient, reflective surfaces for ease of cleaning and maintenance. The often open hollow nature of these spaces means they can behave like echo chambers with very high reverberation times.

Reverberation times in Community Halls can reach up to 6 seconds or more, when good speech intelligibility requires 2 seconds or less, reverberation time.  Quiet Art typically treat the ceilings if possible, as often wall space is limited and ceiling treatments tend to perform better in these larger open spaces.

Quiet Art can offer various treatment solutions including Quietpinboard, Quiettile, Quietblade or Quietdisc; pictured are a small selection of completed projects.  

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