Autex Composition Peel n Stick Tiles


Reduce reverberated noise and add a vibrant feature to your environment with Peel’n’Stick Tiles. Peel’n’Stick are easy to install making them a simple choice for managing echo and creating a durable interior solution. 

Transform your walls into acoustic notice boards by taking advantage of the pinnable and hook-and-loop receptive surface, providing the perfect complement for primary schools and daycare, commercial offices, libraries and the hospitality industry.

Made from 100% polyester fibre; containing a minimum of 60% recycled content the tiles are moisture resistant so they won’t stain, rot or break down making them a safe, nontoxic, long-lasting and sustainable acoustic wall treatment. 

Quietspace Peel n Stick Tiles data sheet 
Quietspace Peel n Stick Tiles installation 
Quietspace Peel n Stick Tile Warranty
Quietspace Peel n Stick Tiles cleaning 
Quietspace Peel n Stick Tiles colour chart

Product: Autex Composition Peel N Stick
Colors: 38, Refer to colour chart 
Size: 10mm x 600 x 600
Qty: 1 Box of 6 tiles, same colour
Coverage: 1 Box of 6 tiles provides 2.16m2 coverage 
Lead time: In stock  3 - 6 days
Shipping: Standard shipping applies  

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