Acoustics for Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and bars usually suffer from acoustics issues, with resulting noise leading to customer dissatisfaction and customers not returning. This noise can also be a problem for Staff health, causing hearing problems and vocal chord strain.

Restaurants are often designed with hard durable surfaces for practicality and clean ability, which adds to the noise problem. Noise sources in Restaurants and Bars typically include, talking, laughing, phones ringing, music, kitchen sounds, dishware, glassware, cutlery noise and so on. All this combined noise can reach 85 decibels or over; virtually the same as the noise from a vacuum cleaner . . . certainly loud enough to put you off eating or enjoying your meal.

Ceiling treatments are possibly more suitable for these types of environments, where limited wall space is available to acoustically treat. Ceiling solutions will prove very effective to absorb the noise in the space and keep the reverberation to a minimum.

Done well feature ceiling treatments can dramatically improve the design and visual impact in the space. Solutions QuietArt can offer include ceiling panels, discs, blades, suspended options along with custom design options.  Pictured are a small selection of projects.

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