Acoustics for Music rooms

Small music rooms probably have the greatest level of usage of all music spaces. Varying in size, they may well accommodate diverse groups of musicians making Noise control and isolation the main concerns for these rooms.

Music students can spend extensive hours in practice and rehearsal rooms and good room acoustics in these spaces allows more effective teaching, while poor acoustics can affect the development of a students musical skills.

Musical instruments can produce as much sound power in small spaces as in large auditoriums making them uncomfortably loud and without adequate acoustic absorption can this result in long term noise induced hearing loss.

Extensive use of membrane types of absorption and acoustic absorbers are recommended to reduce the sound intensity in music buildings. The types of musical instruments used will typically determine the sound insulation requirements between music rooms and the type of internal room acoustic treatments that could be adopted.

Pictured are a small selection of the Music room treatments Quiet Art have provided.

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