Offices & Meeting rooms

Offices and meeting rooms require good speech clarity so all attending can listen or speak without straining. Sound reflecting off walls and ceiling can be disturbing to speech clarity within the room, while adding to the level of sound transmission into adjacent rooms or offices.

Sound absorption products can be used on walls and or ceilings to absorb reflections improving the speech clarity within the room; this this will also help reduce the amount of sound transmission that will penetrate the walls and ceilings. The amount of sound transmission reduction will depend on the type of sound absorbing product, coverage and location of it.

Adding sound absorbing products alone will help, however, this is unlikely to completely eliminate sound transmission, therefore soundproofing the walls and ceilings may be needed if the transmission is significant. This will provide more privacy for meeting room occupants, while reducing distractions to occupants on the other side of the meeting room walls. Worker concentration can be reduced by up to 60% due to noise transmission from one space to another.

Walls can be treated with sound attenuation products inside the walls, and or specialised plaster products, or Partition walls with good attenuation properties. Ceilings can also be treated with sound attenuation solutions like sound blankets or baffles above the ceiling substrate.

Quiet Art can provide a range of solutions suitable for sound absorption in Offices and Meeting rooms; pictured are a selection of projects we have completed for our clients.

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