Snowsound PLI Screen


Snowsound PLI Screen provides excellent acoustic performance in an elegant screen solution, designed to blend into any space including high end sophisticated, modern minimal or large open plan areas.

Snowsound is an acoustic panel that is made with just one single material; polyester, which has excellent absorbent qualities and is 100% recyclable. Panels are light, simple, and versatile, with a tear resistant fabric surface, in a choice of 14 vibrant colours. 

The PLI Screen is Portable and easy to relocate, making it perfect for privacy and sound absorption in boutique offices, open plan office settings, convention and exhibition spaces. A variety of stands are available and can be purchased separately on this website. 

Snowsound Catalog 
Snowsound Colors
Snowsound Assembly

Product: Snowsound PLI Screen
Minimum order of 2 Screens
Colours: 14
Stands sold separately 
Sizes: 1190mm x 1590mm, 1190mm x 1190mm, 590 x 1190, 590 x 1590
Lead time: Ex stock 2-4 days / If Not in stock 10 weeks
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